Ethiopia Mokonisa

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About this coffee:

Region: Kerrecha, Guji
Zone: Oromia
Grade: 1
Process: Natural
Varietals: Heirloom varietals
Washing station: Mokonisa
Altitude: 2000 masl
Drying method: raised beds
Drying stage 1: cherries dried in single layers
Drying stage 2: Cherries dried in multiple layers with frequent and diligent turning throughout
Drying time: 15-18 days.

Cup: winey, syrupy mouth feel, wild strawberries


Privately owned wetmill in Kerrecha, Mokonisa by Israel Degfa. They are collecting and buying cherries from various smallholders. Israel is putting a lot of time and effort into increased quality and better preparation in his washing stations. We recently started to work with him both as an exporter and producer.