Drink Loyalty Card

Card Link: https://loyalty.is/nkp4iu

Buy 10 LARGE drinks and get 1 Free! 

1. Click on the above link in your phone's browser.

2. Enter the required information and press join now. You can leave the year you were born as 2018 :)

3. A card will be generated in your browser screen. YOU MUST SAVE THE CARD TO YOUR PHONE’S WALLET.

a. iPhone: there is an add button on the top right

b. Android: there are two options on the bottom of your screen

i. Add to Google Pay – this is a default app on all phones

ii. Add to Google Wallet – you will have had to have previously installed this app

Now whenever you buy a Large drink-open your wallet app and select the loyalty card. We will scan the barcode on your phone with our phone and add “Stamps” to your card. When your card is full it will reset. Then we can either give your free drink right away or you can keep collecting until you have multiple free drinks. The scanning app on our phone keeps track of how many free drinks you are owed.