About Us

I'll start our story with a list of our main priorities:

  • Coffee
  • Our animals
  • Humans

 Not necessarily in that order. Okay usually in that order. But humans can find themselves higher in priority on that list at certain times during the day since animals are not all that interested in coffee.

 We also love the ocean (beaches); lest we forget to mention that love – it helps explain why we chose our name. The name High Seas Coffee Co. is quite ironic when we are firmly planted (farming pun intended) in landlocked rural Alberta; but nearly all coffee arrives in Canada via the sea. So there is reason behind our mad business naming skills.

 As a small family owned and operated business we specialize in family feuds. We seem to all agree on the idea that we are passionate about all things coffee. That may be the only thing we agree on though. Actually one other thing we agree on is that we are exceedingly curious about the farmers and farms our coffee is grown on and are continually trying to get coffee that is more traceable. Beings we were born farming (I think we were actually born in hospitals but....) we also care a great deal about the price the farmers are being paid for our coffee - this means we try to work with importers who have a direct connections with the farmers.

 Our coffee is lovingly small batch roasted by Texan Travis who married into our delightful family. Travis’ perfectionism completely rules his life – it's great as he gets each roast profile right and then consistently roasted henceforth.

The other two “blood siblings” do all the grunt work (joking). Krista owns the High Seas Coffee cafe located at 107 Central Ave Linden, AB. She feels like she does most of the work but really she is mostly managing the others working. People’s entire lives would be transformed if they would listen and do what she says more often. (She may or may not be the writer of this). Techie Tyler fixes everything in sight whether it needs fixing or not. He adds modifications to everything so that it is variable speed and the settings can be accessed on his phone from anywhere in the world. It’s very handy. Really. Last but not least - Dad Delton is fairly silent. He doesn’t need to talk since he knows he has the upper hand with being the land lord and main investor.